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Welcome to DE DUHS engineering, your trusted partner in the heart of Austrian precision engineering. With over two decades of expertise, we have been at the forefront of manufacturing, construction, wafer handling, and robotics. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has positioned us as a leading force in the industry, catering to diverse needs with cutting-edge solutions. Explore our website to discover how our passion for precision and unwavering dedication to quality can elevate your projects to new heights. Welcome to a world where experience meets innovation, and precision is our promise.

Our company offers a variety of services. Inluding engineering, designing, CNC production, watercutting, robotic etc..

Werkstatt, Wafer handling, CNC Fertigung,

PRODUCTION / CNC / Manufacturing


To offer high quality and variety of products, our company provides a large number of manufacturing processes, such as CNC milling/turning, water cutting, 3D printing, laser cutting, and engraving. Additionally, we offer basic electronics, programming, and PCB assembly

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CNC Milling

With HAAS CNC-Milling Machines we are able to create high quality parts out of a large number of materials.
With a turning speed up to
10 000 rpm (rotations per minute) there is no task impossible.

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and CNC Turning

Additionally to milling our company also furnishes high qualitiy conventionell and CNC programmed turning

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We are one of the view companies that use watercutting technology which brings many applications like carbon processing, cutting of very hard materials like Tantal

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and engraving

Also lasercutting and engraving opens many applications

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Basic electronics

To stay innovative our company is also working on programming and basic electronics

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With engineering comes a variety of different applications. Prototype drawings and constructions, manufacturing of 3D modules for robotics and other applications, simulations but also designs and art.


We offer all kinds of 3D Modules created with Pro Engineer and Solid CAM. 


Our company additionally offers specific robotic solutions for individual process issuses. 


From scetch over watercutting technology to self made art and one of a kind objects.



The GOS (Glove Onput System) works with modern turbine technology to simplify the process of putting on rubber gloves. Designed firstly for medical industry but also food industry.

For more information visit our second Website.


Here you have a view videos and examples of our work follow us on our social media channels or on youtube for updates.

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