Flat Platesetter

The Flat Platesetter allows to expose 6" wafers and to harden the surface coated with photoresist.

The light source is produced by a light emitting diode, which is soldered to a printed circuit board with 8 units. The exposure time is set with 20 to 200 seconds, according to tests of the LED.

The Flat Platesetter consists of 2 separate exposure units, to guarantee an undisturbed operation. In case of defect or diodes exchange the second imaging unit starts its process. This two Flat Platesetters are designed in a compact box-type style with electrical wiring and control.

The Boat Slots (5" or 6") get placed centered over the receiving tray plate on the exposure unit. All wafers are exposed in a processing step.

  • Pos.1 Light traffic
  • Pos.2 Boat Slot attack
  • Pos.3 Boat Slot recording
  • Pos.4 Wafer gripper
  • Pos.5 Light sensors
  • Pos.6 Key switch
  • Pos.7 Front panel
  • Pos.8 Button