Carbon Technology

We have specialized in gripping systems and handling units of carbon

We have optimized the technology for carbon processing

Whether replicas of ceramic grippers for the semiconductor technology or entire media arms, indestructibility and a saving in weight of 50% should convince you to get your handling unit manufactured by DE Duhs Engineering.


  • saving in weight up to 50%
  • less particles regeneration
  • robust copy
  • high rigidity and flatness
  • low cost
  • no scratch formation while handling silicon wafer
  • extreme resistance capability

Send us your existing gripper, whether vacuum grippers or suction gripper via suction pads, there is nothing we canĀ“t customize for you. We have developed further the technology for the processing of carbon and laminate specifically designed for use with our own carbon plates.

Accuracy and surface precision is a standard for our speciality lists when working with carbon.

P5000 Carbon Gripper
Carbon Gripper Carbon Gripper Carbon Niro-Gripper PEEK-Carbon 12 Inches Gripper Ceramic Gripper vacuum Gripper Carbon-Aluminum